L O S T 3x08 - Flashes before your eyes

Minuto 23'50

PENNY: - You smell like the pub.

DESMOND: - That's because I was at the pub.

P: - You didn't get the job.

D: - No.

P: - What did my father say?

D: - Your father...
...was lovely.
We just both agreed that I wasn't...
...exactly qualified.

P: - Well, I say we celebrate.
We celebrate that fate
has spared you a miserable existence
under the employ of Widmore Industries.
Let me take you out tomorrow
for lobsters on the pier. My treat.

D: - I don't think my failure to impress your
father is any occasion to celebrate.

P: - Well, the occasion is I love you.

D: - Why?
Why do you love me?

P: - Because you're a good man.
In my experience,
they're pretty hard to come by.
Where are you?

D: - I'm right here.

Minuto 33'

DESMOND: - I couldn't go through with it.

PENNY: - What was that?

D: - I can't do this.

P: - You can't do what?

D: - Us.
This relationship.

P: - What are you talking about?

D: - How can I...
I can't look after you.
I haven't got a job. I don't have any...
I can't even afford five quid
for a bloody photograph.
You deserve someone better.

P: - I know what I deserve.
I chose to be with you, I love you.

D: - Love's not enough.
Being a "good man" is not enough.

P: - What's this about?
Where is this coming from?

D: - It's all happening too soon.
You moving in.
You're painting rooms, you're changing
things. I don't even like red!
Why would you leave your flat to...

P: - Don't do that.
Don't you pretend you don't care.
And don't you dare rewrite history.
I left my expensive flat because you
were too proud to live there, remember?
If you want me to go,
if you want me to leave, then...
...don't make this about what
I do or don't deserve.
And have the decency to admit you're
doing this because you're a coward.

D: -I'm sorry, Pen.
But, this...
...we're not supposed to be together.

Cuando lo vi por primera vez me emocioné :_

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María Magdalena dijo...

I love you Penny!!!

Victor BA dijo...

diosssss estas q me lo leo xD

Ellohir dijo...

Te falta la mitiquísima conversación por teléfono que hace que el mejor capítulo de LOST se convierta en el mejor capítulo de todas las series que he visto nunca.

Danono dijo...

No recuerdo. El final de la segunda temp?

Ellohir dijo...

El mejor capítulo de LOST es el 4x05.